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Wrap – Seal – Bake

Please give applause for the probably best product here at Damn Plastic.

Let us introduce - An alternative for cling film, aluminium foil and baking paper.

It is made of medical-grade silicone based on algae and can be reused for a lifetime. That's right, for a lifetime! Due to the algae, the foil gets super stretchy and strong. Therefore, it is super easy to create a perfectly airtight seal on any-sized bowl, cup, glass or plate. The silicone is also unique because it does not absorb any substances and does not release any substances, such as plastic from the cling film, aluminium from the aluminium foil and the coating from the baking paper.

In general, this foil does not absorb any other substances. For example, if something should get moldy or you wrap meat and cheese next time or you bake a cake with it again - and this is done all with the same foil - it will never react with food nor absorb any smells and can therefore be reused for so long! It is just as easy to clean, as you only have to hold it under the running tap and – if you have strong grease residues – may use herbal dish-washing detergent to remove it. So easy. So sustainable. And so damn cool! This is our 3 in 1 foil that will save you a lot of garbage and will make you happier by 180 degrees. ;)

- Non toxic

-  Recyclable

- Material: medical silicone based on algae

- Patented production process

- Alternative for: aluminum foil, cling film and baking paper

- Reusable for a lifetime

- Self-sticking

- Baking temperature >220°

- Available in 3 different sizes (45cm x 30cm, 20cm x 20cm & 30cm x 30cm)



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