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Baby showing signs of teething? Keep their new little teeth and mouth safe and sound with the Calmies Natural Rubber Teething Ball from EcoPiggy. This product is safe, soothing, stimulating for your babies senses. This functional toy was developed by a doctor to help provide teething relief and has an easy to grasp design so baby can build motor grip skills. The teether is made from 100% pure rubber from the Hevea brasillensi rubber tree, which is sustainably grown in Malaysia. Each vine of the teether has a unique pattern including a smooth, dotted, and twisted spiral; each providing a unique sensation for the baby depending on the teething stage.
  • 15cm in diameter
100% Natural Rubber, ASTM Certified


  • Made from 100% Natural Tree Rubber
  • Easy to Grip Design
  • Helps Build Sensory Motor Skills
  • Developed by a Doctor for Teething


  • 30 Days

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