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A new combination of our classic Dish Cleaning Bundle—now with the . Shop the bundle and save $ and CO2!

The  is a great replacement for dish soap in a plastic bottle. 


Dish Washing Brush: These soft brushes enable you to clean plates and cups thoroughly. The stiffer plant fiber brushes are ideal for pots and pans. Made in Germany. Large (5CM) brush head or Small (4CM) brush head option.  

Round Dish Soap: This soap is made with 100% Organic saponified coconut oil and castor oil, with a hint of lemon and orange essential acids! 8 oz. 


Dish Washing Brush: This product is 100% Package Free!

Round Dish Soap: This product is is 100% Package Free! 


Dish Washing Brush: Untreated Beechwood, Tampico Fibre, steel.

Round Dish Soap: Organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, water, lye, organic orange essential oil, organic lemon essential oil.

Care Instructions

Dish Washing Brush: Wet (and clean) brush with soap and water, pat dry, not suited for dishwasher. 

Round Dish Soap: Keep soap in a dry place when not in use.

Replacement for

Dish Washing Brush: Plastic sponges.

Round Dish Soap: Dish soaps made of synthetic ingredients and packaged in plastic.

End of Life

Dish Washing Brush: 

This Dish Washing Brush is a mixed material product. Separate and clean for end of life. 

The bristles and wooden head are 100% backyard compostable. 

The metal staples are recyclable in metal recycling. 

Round Dish Soap: 

This Round Dish Soap is 100% Package Free.

This Round Dish Soap is also 100% backyard compostable.


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