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Light the way to a healthy lifestyle with Sanari Candle. "Sanari", inspired by founder Rebecca's two children, Aria and Sanam, named for "air" and "love" respectively, proudly creates light and love in the air you breathe. The Fresco Organic Candle infuses certified organic essential oils of citrus and bergamot with a vegan coconut wax blend, hand-poured into a reusable wine glass in small batches in Los Angeles, California. Infused with: citrus, herbal, Persian lime, bergamot, sweet basil, black pepper, & dry sage.
Organic coconut & non GMO soy wax, 100% unbleached cotton wide wick, Certified organic essential oils from pomegranate, lemon, rose, jasmine, and dry musk, Reusable wine glass is also recyclable


  • Sparking citrus, herb, and fresh squeezed Persian lime pair with earthy bergamot
  • Fresh & earthy scent
  • Made with certified organic essential oils and 100% plant-based ingredients
  • Comes in a reusable wine glass with plastic-free packaging

Care Instructions

  • To best preserve your Sanari Candle, keep out of heat, humidity, and direct sunlight
  • Burn only on non-flammable, heat safe surfaces
  • Extinquish candle completely before touching or moving
  • Gently remove excess burnt wick with a napkin before lighting your candle


  • 30 Days

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