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It’s time to clean your home. But… the toxins in many conventional cleaning products can actually be making the air quality in your home worse! Natural cleaning products from Earthy Edith's like the Natural All Purpose Cleaning are made from non-toxic ingredients like distilled water, organic essential oils, and distilled white vinegar – all safe, effective, and chemical free. This all purpose cleaning spray uses distilled white vinegar with a high level of acidity to chemically change the proteins and fats in hazardous germs, and destroy their cell structures, meaning your house is bacteria and microbe free! With a light and crisp scent from essential oils, this cleaning spray comes in a reusable glass spray bottle and refills are available. Plus, the Earthy Edith's factory in America is zero waste – and uses reusable and recyclable materials in nearly every step of production!
Filtered distilled water, distilled white vinegar, and an essential oil blend (lemon, tea tree, and rosemary)


  • Natural, chemical-free all purpose cleaning spray to disinfect and clean all the surfaces in your home
  • Made from non-toxic ingredients like distilled white vinegar that is odorless when dry and essential oils
  • Packaged in durable glass reusable bottle


  • 30 Days

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