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We love oral hygiene! This bundle combines the  to save some $ and CO2.

This brush helps to eliminate one of the most prevalent forms of ocean plastic pollution, plus you don’t have to put plastic in your mouth two times per day. Pair with this natural toothpaste in peppermint, spearmint, or charcoal that will leave your breath feeling fresh the sustainable way! Natural Toothpaste comes with or without the metal key.



This toothbrush is the perfect replacement for plastic toothbrushes. Our plant-based bamboo toothbrush is made completely from plants: soft bristles, smooth handle, wrapper and box. 


This premium natural toothpaste comes in an all-metal tube with key to help you squeeze out every last bit! Designed to safely and effectively whiten, remove plaque and freshen breath.


Toothbrush: Bamboo, Castor Bean Nylon

Toothpaste: Calcium carbonate (limestone abrasive), purified water, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), vegetable glycerin, hydrated silica, xylitol (birch derived), sodium cocoyl glutamate (coconut derived), carrageenan (seaweed derived), mentha piperita (peppermint oil), mentha viridis (spearmint) leaf oil, pimpinella anisum (anise) seed extract, gaultheria procumbens (wintergreen) leaf oil, stevia (leaf extract).

Cardboard Box: FSC Certified Paperboard

Toothpaste Tube: Aluminum

Toothpaste Cap: Polypropylene 

Key: Stainless Steel

Instructions for Use

Toothbrush: Wet toothbrush & add toothpaste. Brush and cleanse teeth like any typical toothbrush. 

Toothpaste: Add toothpaste to wet toothbrush. Brush and cleanse teeth like any typical toothpaste. 

End of Life


Bamboo handle: 100% compostable

Bristles: Remove bristles and can be recycled wherever nylon is recycled

Cardboard Box: 100% recyclable in paper recycling

Bioplastic wrapper: 100% compostable in industrial composting


Cardboard Box: 100% recyclable in paper recycling

Metal Tube & Key: 100% recyclable with metals. Tube must be cut open and rinsed out before recycling. 

Plastic Cap: 100% recyclable in plastic recycling.




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