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We've all been there… hiding pads and tampons in back pockets, running to the mirror to check for stains, spending way too much on chemical-laden plastic infused tampons. DivaCup knew that "that time of the month" shouldn't be a crisis for you, which is why their 100% healthcare grade silicone menstrual cup makes it a whole lot easier. Just one DivaCup can be used again and again for at least a year, significantly reducing the amount of tampons bought and tossed. They can be worn for 10 hours, and are ideal for working out or swimming, leak-free. Revolutionize your period today!

  • One size fits most. See Specifications to pick your Model!
100% Healthcare Grade Silicone


  • Reusable, bell-shaped menstrual DivaCup is made from 100% healthcare grade silicone
  • Comfortable insertion and removal
  • Waste-free alternative to classic tampons and pads
  • Perfect for swimming, working out, and staying active


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