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Tiny mouths need tiny spoons! The Tiny Spoon by ezpz is perfect for helping little humans learn how to feed independently. Designed for infants 4mo+, the soft but durable silicone mold protects baby's newly developing teeth and makes mouthing feel safe. Sensory bumps on the spoon bowl activate sensory awareness to decrease gagging and choking and the non-slip grip and short, fat, round handle help baby grasp the utensil.
  • 3.8" x 0.9" x 0.9"
100% Food-Grade Silicone


  • High quality, soft silicone spoon that protects baby's incoming teeth and make the process of gumming and self-feeding safe
  • Very slight arc of the spoon can be used for both dipping and scooping
  • The spoon bowl is the perfect shape to fit safely in baby's mouth
  • The short, fat, and round handle is non-slip grip to help the baby easily grasp the utensil
  • Bumps on the bottom of the spoon help to stabalize it when at rest
  • Silicone is bendable, flexible, won't shatter, and will last you for years!


  • 30 Days

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