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Make the switch from single-use plastic straws with Clear Compostable Straws from World Centric! Made from heat-safe bio-based plastic derived from renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca roots, or sugarcane, these straws are commercially compostable and will break down in about 180 days. Perfect for cold or hot drinks (up to 120°F), these eco-friendly straws are durable, BPA free, and have a similar mouth-feel to plastic. Plus, World Centric is a leader in conscience commerce – they're a carbon neutral company, Certified B Corp, and donate 25% of sales to world-changing non-profits across the globe!
  • .25 x 7.9 inches
SFI® certified paper with NatureWorks Ingeo™ PLA lining, Made from bio-based plastic


  • Eco-friendly compostable straws made from plant based ingredients
  • BPA, PVC, and toxin free
  • Freezer safe and can be used with warm drinks

Care Instructions

  • Freezer safe and suitable for liquids up to 120°F. Not microwavable


  • 30 Days

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