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Make the switch from single-use plastic serving sets with these Plant Fiber Compostable Plates 10" from World Centric! Made from 100% unbleached plant fibers from sugarcane, bamboo, and wheat straw that is commonly burned or thrown away as a byproduct of farming, these plates are commercially compostable and will break down in about 180 days. Perfect for hot or cold food, these eco-friendly plates are durable, soak proof, freezer safe, and have no wax or plastic lining on them. These plates also features 3 compartments, making it easy to keep food separate. Plus, World Centric is a leader in conscience commerce – they're a carbon neutral company, Certified B Corp, and donate 25% of sales to world-changing non-profits across the globe!
  • 10" diameter
100% unbleached plant fiber


  • Eco-friendly 10 inch plates with raised edge and 3 compartments made from unbleached plant fibers
  • Great for hot or cold food, these fiber plates are compostable, durable, soak proof, freezer safe, and have no wax or plastic lining
  • Perfect for special events, businesses, or everyday use

Care Instructions

  • Soak proof and freezer safe, can be used with hot and cold food. Compost after use.


  • 30 Days

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